We Offer a Diverse Collection of Products


Plate Materials

We offer a wide selection of digital and analog photopolymer plates in many different thicknesses and durometers.

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Kodak NX Plates

Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic Plates are designed to minimize waste and maximize efficiency in the press room while delivering results that rival offset and rotogravure print quality. Flexcel NX Plates offer significant benefits over analog and traditional digital flexo plates.

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Digital & Analog Plates

All of our digital flexo plates are imaged on our Esko CDI Spark giving you greater consistency, open reverses, lower dot gain and smoother halftones when compared to analog flexo plates.

We offer multiple options when using analog plates for those legacy jobs that haven’t been converted to digital. Analog plates provide great options for custom plate solutions.

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Custom Plate Solutions

We provide custom plate solutions for those unique applications. We can help develop a solution to suite your needs.

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Rubber Plates

Rubber plates are an old standard in basic flexographic printing, mostly used for the milk carton industry. Rubber has a long wear life, produces high ink densities, and is great for long print runs.

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We offer a wide selection of magnesium, copper, and brass engravings used for book covers and bindings, molding rubber plates, 3-step molding and other specialty products.

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Color Managed Proofs

Take control of your color! With our help we can provide you with proofs that match on press every time.

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Matte Film with a Loupe on it

4 and 7 Mil Film

We offer film positives and negatives in 4 and 7 millimeters.

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