The Proof is in the Printing


What differentiates Fusion Flexo from everyone else?

Your end product. The precision and repeatability of our platemaking are the keys to achieve this. Access to our client support, graphic, platemaking, and consulting experts will ensure every project is a success.

How can we help?

Has your design firm handed over files that you can’t open? Are you interested in Kodak Flexcel NX Plates but is it right for your project? Do you need advice about your press characterization and optimization? Don’t worry. Our knowledge and diverse product offerings will deliver the right result every time. When innovative answers are what you need, we’ll be there. When it’s a time-tested standard, we’ll deliver.

Why do clients keep coming back to Fusion Flexo?

The answer is simple — our experience in the industry, our dedication to quality, our innovation, and our attention to your needs.