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Can a package that is currently printed using Offset or Gravure methods be converted to print Flexo?

Yes! The recent advances in Flexo prepress and printing have made the conversion of packages once thought only reproducible by Offset or Gravure to be printed using Flexographic methods. Past limitations in the Flexo process are rapidly being eliminated by better printing equipment and more capable prepress facilities. Today, with the proper consideration of design and images, there is no limit to what can be produced with Flexo packaging.

What are some of the advantages of the Flexo printing method?

Rich, saturated colors, possible reduction in production costs, wide variety of substrates.

How quickly can I have my plates?

This is truly the most frequently asked question in our industry. The answer is very much dependent upon the many factors that make up a Flexographic printing project. The partnership between Fusion Flexo and our customers is one built on trust and understanding. Trust that Fusion Flexo will do everything possible the get our products to our customers when needed. It is our understanding that we will only do so while providing the level of quality and accuracy that is the foundation of our business.

Can art be sent to Fusion Flexo via email?

Sure. But if the file you are sending is very large a compression program like Win-Zip [pc] or Stuff-it [Mac] may need to be used to reduce the file size before emailing. And please remember to include all fonts and images as well.

My proof doesn’t match my press print! Help!

ICC profiling of all devices is essential to produce a proper proof. By having your specific press’ unique gamut captured, Fusion Flexo will generate proofs to match the full potential of your press.

My print just doesn’t have the “punch” I was looking for…

Perhaps uncontrolled dot gain has gotten the best of your print? CTP plates, with their distinctively cleaner dot structure, can help solve these issues. Fusion Flexo specializes in developing individual strategies for your specific challenges.

Fusion Flexo will accept files in the following formats:

    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Macromedia Freehand
    • Photoshop, Quark, and PDF formats are also accepted

Please reference our Artwork Submission Guidelines for more details.