Magnesium, Copper, and Brass


We provide our clients with a wide range of engravings including magnesium, copper, and brass used for various foil stamping operations, debossing, rubber platemaking, and a variety of other unique or custom applications. Magnesium is the most common metal because of the lower cost when compared to copper and brass. Common gages are available in 16 gauge, 11 point, and 1/4 inch.

We now offer CNC machined engravings allowing us to further customize to your specifications.

Magnesium Engraving

Magnesium Dies

We offer a full range of magnesium dies for foil stamping, debossing, halftone and line etching, rubber stamp masters and custom applications. Magnesium dies can be produced on 16 gauge (.064″), 80 thousandths (.080″), 11 point (.153″), ¼ inch (.250″), or 3/8″ (.375″).

Brass Engraving

Brass Dies

Brass dies for embossing and foil stamping include a range from simple flat stamping foil images to multi-level, sculptured designs. Brass is a superior material for both machine work and hand sculpting. It is the best choice for combining foil stamping and embossing in designs.

Copper Engraving

Copper Dies

We offer a full line of copper dies for foil stamping, embossing, halftone and line etchings, and intaglio printing. Copper dies can be produced on 16 gauge (.064″) or ¼ inch (.250″). Copper dies are used for many of the same applications as magnesium dies, but copper is usually preferable for longer runs or when more durability is desired. Typically copper dies are also chosen over magnesium for printing on heavily textured or recycled papers. Copper is an excellent heat conductor and retains heat longer than magnesium. This means that the heat expansion factor is less on copper dies than magnesium when the dies are heated on press.