Increasing Your Efficiency and Saving You Money


With our extensive experience in flexography, we will help you improve press room efficiency while reducing your waste and cost. We offer press optimization, fingerprinting, and characterization services to ensure that all of your printing goals are met.

1 Optimization Services

We will help you optimize your press by identifying print variables to achieve superior results. The optimization process helps determine what anilox roller, mounting tape, inks and plate type best suit your operating conditions.

2 Fingerprinting Services

With our diverse knowledge of flexo printing we will help you increase predictability, consistency, and efficiency using FIRST 4.0 methodology. The fingerprinting process is used to measure and record print characteristics of your press. This data will allow us to generate a dot gain curve that will be applied to your plates. It will also provide us with press limitations and other variables.

3 Characterization Services

We will characterize your press giving you proofs that will match every time. This process involves printing an IT8 chart to capture the full gamut of your press. The color data from the IT8 is converted to an ICC Profile which will be applied to your color managed proofs.